Learn the basics of Tahitian grammar

UNDERSTAND TAHITIAN: Basics of Tahitian Grammar

In this Module you will :

  • Discover the different articles & particles used in Tahitian sentences.
  • Learn about the possessives & demonstratives articles and when to use them in a sentence.
  • Learn about the single, dual and plural pronouns, their use and meaning.
  • Learn about the 2 different types of Tahitian verbs, the action verbs & state verbs
  • Learn how to say YES and NO by using some keywords and expressions.
  • Learn How to ask a question in Tahitian.
  • Learn about the Numbers & Colors and how to use them in a sentence.
  • Learn about the the months of the year, days of the week and How to tell the time in Tahitian.
  • Learn How to build a sentence in Tahiti with the 6 different types of sentences.

Your program outline:

Lesson 5.1 The Tahitian articles & particles

Lesson 5.2 The possessives & demonstratives articles

Lesson 5.3 The pronouns

Lesson 5.4 The Tahitian verbs

Lesson 5.5 Approve and disapprove in Tahitian

Lesson 5.6 How to ask a question in Tahitian

Lesson 5.7 Numbers and colors

Lesson 5.8 Knowing time, date and space

Lesson 5.9 How to build a sentence in Tahitian

Your main focus

  • Understand how to build a sentence in Tahitian

Your daily action

  • Write 1 short sentence in Tahitian in the past tense, present tense or future tense per day
  • Practice your pronunciation

Your weekly action

  • Write 1 question and 1 answer in Tahitian
  • Write multiple sentences in past/present/future tense.
  • Write multiple sentences by adding the proper articles, particles, adverbs and numbers
  • Write different types of sentences

A faʻaitoito! You are on your way to become POLY-Lingual!

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Your Instructor

Your Tahitian Course Creator
Your Tahitian Course Creator

'Ia ora na!

I am Moenau Rivera, your course creator.

I am Tahitian and a passionate of Polynesian Travel, Languages, Culture and Traditions, which is why i created video courses for you to learn how to speak Tahitian Language quickly in an easy way.

I designed these video lessons with animated characters to make learning FUN and SIMPLE.

Happy learning! ʻIa ʻoaʻoa te haʻapiʻiraʻa!

"Taking the Reo Tahiti classes was one of the best investments i could have ever made as a student of Tahitian culture. Iʻve not only learned so much about the language and culture but iʻve built bonds and new relationships with a great group of people that share the same passion as me1"

- Jacinta, Group leader, ʻOri Tahiti dancer/teacher (Texas)

"I am very much enjoying re-reading things that have long been a mystery to me. I find them slowly unlocking their meanings as i gain more comprehension. I feel iʻm at the level of being able to read and comprehend more, but still need to work on speaking. Poly-lingual is the answer to English speakers learning the Reo Tahiti! The pace is conformtable while remaining challenging."

- Michelle Woolf, ʻOri Tahiti Group leader and dancer (Utah)


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