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reo tahiti group sessions
Reo Tahiti Group sessions

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reo tahiti private sessions
Reo Tahiti private sessions

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Tahitian grammar
Tahitian grammar

Beginner Level

3 months access

Tahitian Flashcards
Tahitian Flashcards

Beginner Level

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Tahitian video scenarios
Tahitian Conversation scenarios

Intermediate level

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Speak with confidence
Speak with Confidence

6 modules

Tips & tricks to speak with confidence

Tahitian pronunciation
Tahitian pronunciation

Basic Course

6 lessons

Tahitian Crash Course

30-day Tahitian

Reo Tahiti crash course for travelers


Reo Tahiti Challenge
Reo Tahiti Challenge - 30days

1 phrase a day

30-days Challenge

Reo Tahiti Challenge Special Heiva
Reo Tahiti Challenge - 15days

Special HEIVA: 1 phrase a day

15-days Challenge

Tahitian words series

Tahitian app

Tahitian word series



Reo Tahiti Courses

Reo Tahiti Travel Crash Course



This course is designed for people who wants to learn Tahitian quickly before their trip to Tahiti. In the course you will find multiple scenarios with real-life situation when traveling.

You will learn from conversational scenarios with common phrases and words you can use right away in a conversation while visiting the islands of Tahiti.

Other Reo Tahiti ressources

Ebook + Course : ʻA ʻori te reo

ʻOri Tahiti Teacher Edition

Ebook + Course : ʻA ʻori te reo

ʻOri Tahiti Dancer edition

Ebook + Course : ʻA ʻori te reo

ʻOri Tahiti Musician Edition

Ebook + Course : ʻA ʻori te reo

ʻOri Tahiti Costume Designer Edition

PDF: How to introduce yourself
in Tahitian?

Quick guide

PDF: E aha te huru?

Quick guide

PDF: Greetings in Tahitian

Quick Guide

PDF: Free Reo Tahiti printables

Quick Guide

PDF: Reo Tahiti Vocabulary sheets

Quick guide

Reo Tahiti Translation services

Tahitian translation services
Tahitian Translation Services

Translation from Tahitian to English and from English to Tahitian

CONTACT: [email protected]

Naming services

We help people naming their children, Tahitian dance group, Businesses, projects, events, competitions in Tahitian

CONTACT: [email protected]

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